Apartment of the week in Istanbul: the Kempinski 6

Recommended apartment in Istanbul

Did you know that “Istanbul” comes from the phrase “Eis Tin Poli”, meaning “in the city”? Somewhat egoistic as a name, but we can see why. All cities to some extent are “a city of contrasts”, but the diversity in Istanbul, our newest destination, is truly enormous. Straddling the both man-made and geographical barrier of the Bosphorus strait, and posed on the brink of centuries and exotic-sounding empires – Byzantine, Ottoman – if you wanted to choose just one city to represent the planet Earth, it would probably be this one.

With a heated programme of events coming up over the summer, there’s never been a better time to rent an apartment in Istanbul. The more traditional among us should look out for the 40th International Istanbul Music Festival, whereas those who have a more ‘modern’ take on culture might want to take a look at the Istanbul Shopping Fest. Or you may just want to spend your time wandering through the streets, smelling the spices and unwrapping the exotic Eastern culture of this sparkling emerald of a city layer by layer.

After all that activity, you’ll be looking for an apartment in Istanbul that gives you a welcoming place to come back to. Our recommended apartment this week, the Kempinski 6 apartment, features cosy exposed-brick details, a breakfast bar, floods of natural light and comfortable beds to make it a real Turkish home for up to four people. It also offers you the priceless opportunity to wake up every morning and have breakfast in front of the view of the Bosphorus that the large windows offer, meaning you can both relax at home and be involved with the goings-on of the city at the same time.

Excellently located in the area of Kempinski (hence the name), you are just a few minutes from the exotic yet strangely familiar Yildiz park. The vast majority of Istanbul’s attractions are just 20 minutes away by public transport. The vibrant local roads are full of street vendors selling baked potatoes and showing off local handicrafts, yet you’re just far enough out of the centre to avoid the main tourist traffic. The area also benefits from a renowned selection of nightclubs and bars.

Looking for Istanbul apartments for a larger group? There are several other Friendly Rentals Kempinski apartments in the same building.

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