Tantalise the Tastebuds with these Lisbon Delicacies

Eating Out in Lisbon: More than Sardines, Bacalhau and Pasteis de Nata

The cuisine of which city consists of mouthwatering pasteries, homely yet delicious soups and more seafood dishes than you can possibly eat in a year? If you guessed Lisbon then you’d be correct but there is a lot more to eating out in Lisbon than these delicious treats. Let’s have a look at some different yet equally delicious food available in the Portuguese capital. 

Eating Out in Lisbon Suckling PigSuckling Pig- Pork is big in Portugal, you’ll find it everywhere, but if there is one pork dish that stands out from the rest it is leitão assado. A suckling pig roasted and basted over coals until the flesh melts in your mouth and the skin crunches divinely with each bite. The piglets usually from the Bairadda region are slaughtered anywhere between 2-6 weeks of age they are then coated in a blend of garlic, salt, pepper and fat before being popped in the oven and roasted over hot coals for two hours. One of the best places to eat leitão assado in Lisbon is at Sacramento Restaurant

Snails in LisbonSnails- While usually a delicacy associated more with France, snails are a popular dish in Lisbon during the summer. Caracóis as they are known locally can be found in almost every bar in the Portuguese capital. Cooked with garlic and oregano they are piled high on a plate for you to skewer them on toothpicks or suck the succulent flesh out of the shell. Best accompanied with a cold beer and good conversation. Just look for the sign Há Caracóis, We’ve got snails! 

Fried Green Beans LisbonPeixinhos da Horta- A different yet truly delicious snack in Lisbon are ‘little garden fish’ or in commmon language deep fried green beans. A handful of fresh green beans are covered in a light fluffy batter then fried until the outside is crispy and the beans tender. Served with romesco sauce they are the perfect start to any meal. For the best ‘little garden fish’ head to Cantinho do Avillez

Of course if none of these appeal to you then there are plenty of other typical foods to discover in Lisbon from the humble sardine to the heavenly Pasteis de Nata. 'Bom Apetite'

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