Theatre and themed entertainment in the Medieval Banquet, London!

Lords and fair Ladies, welcome to the Medieval Banquet in London! A restaurant that takes you back to Tudor times and to the reign of Henry VIII, which promises a succulent banquet comprising four courses and an unlimited amount of beer and wine in an authentic Medieval setting, fit for a Tudor King!

The regal banquet will be taking place in his royal highness’s Banqueting Hall in the atmospheric vaulted cellars of Ivory House near the Tower of London. It promises to be a fun and entertaining medieval knees-up as accompanying King Henry himself are his faithful subjects including his Queen (we don’t know which one), and nobleman, his dashing sword fighting knights, dancing ladies and wenches, jugglers, strongmen, contortionists, musicians and singers, and magicians, amongst others.

You will be able to enjoy your medieval meal whilst enjoying two hours of theatre and themed entertainment amidst your splendid banqueting tables, to then later enjoy lively music, an open bar to make things even livelier, and dancing until late as royalty dictates. The diners participation is encouraged, nay welcomed and there will be plenty of opportunities to dance with the cast, sing, and truly get into some medieval mannerisms by banging your fist on your plate and hailing your wench to bring you more food and wine! Outstanding!

Prepare to be swashed and buckled by their fiery knights, marvel at minstrels and raise your tankard to thus cry “Wassail” (or cheers!) to the lords and ladies of the dance as a medieval extravaganza unfurls before your eyes. Then, to perfectly conclude your evening you can take a two minute wander to the Tower Bridge and enjoy a panoramic view of London by night.

This historic restaurant, with its themed dining experience wishes to, in some part, re-enact British history, pay tribute to the Middle Ages which was taking place a thousand years ago right there in the restaurant which is the heritage of the location, and pay homage to the Guild of the Knights of Portsoken who as far back as a millennium ago were battling on the very spot for honour, for exercise and for the entertainment of the king.

You can also play a real part in this experience by hiring a costume on arrival at the restaurant which they have available for hire in various sizes. Furthermore, they do cater for special dietary requirements, as well as welcome stag and hen party bookings. However a piece of Friendly advice, do make sure you book in advance to make sure that you are not disappointed as it is quite a popular venue.

Aside from that, put on your Tudor hat and let yourself be taken back to the days of the King Henry VIII, although we do insist that there’ll be no chopping heads off just lots of good grub and an endless flow of beer and wine, Tudor style, Hurrah!

- Marketing Team

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