London alternative nightlife, and some really weird nights out….

London alternative nightlife, and some really weird nights out…

London is huge and highly cosmopolitan so just like any good diverse capital it has a cracking nightlife as you may have noticed in our last blog. Given that our suggestions for going out in the British capital were well received we’d like to make a few more in the way of alternative nightlife, which are just as quirky and what can we say just plain weird but that look fabulously fun and an entertaining night out. We’ll let you decide…

Viva cake and teatime frolics

Sounds insanely British but don’t worry it’s far from the civilised affair you’re probably thinking of……this alternative evening is just the place to go so don your flowing skirts ladies Grease style and beehive hair styles, and dress your man in tight trousers with quiff hairpieces because teatime is in. The party starts at 4:30 and past events have included cake baking competitions, dominos, cards, fortune tellers, snakes and ladders, a beauty bar, dance classes, and knitting until the early hours of the evening served with tea in bone china and cake by girls in roller skates (splendid!), to then be replaced by hard core liqueur and dancing.
As you can imagine the music is 50s style throughout, with the DJ banging out tunes by groups such as The Barker Band, Vincent Vincent and the Villains, The Pipettes, The Schla La Las, Fast Lane Roogalator , The Puppini Sisters, The Polecats, The Brick Lane Boogie Boys, and Holly Golightly. To conclude, Viva Cake takes place every third Sunday of the month in the Bethnal Green Working Mens’ Club (which was once declared the best club in London by the way) so if you’re bored with the same old nights in and you would like to join their fair old following of Fifties nostalgics, then Viva Cake is the event for you, the next party taking place on the January the 20th 2011, at 4.30 pm.

Starkers and dare to bare

Do you have a secret desire to boogie in the nude? Are you looking to shed a few inhibitions? Do you dare to bare? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself if you fancy heading down to Starkers, London’s popular naturist club, a carefree, clothes free affair based around having fun, with no clothes on.
It is the world’s largest naked disco and a metrosexual hedonistic celebration of life where you can go and feel totally free in a relaxed, friendly, and uninhibited environment. As can be expected some slightly saucy games such as the “Pass the Balloon”, as well as naked yoga, in addition to other clothes free goings on do take place however, there’s a good atmosphere and given that naturisms on the rise, Starkers is definitely the place to let it all hang out…If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be in to, it’ll interest you to know that the parties take place every third Friday of the month in The Factory, at Vauxhall, for 15 quid a ticket, with concessions for students and couples, no pressure on what to wear!

Hot breath karaoke

Karaoke is cool didn’t you know? Well, it’s certainly in at the moment and this venue has to be one of the funniest sing-a-long sessions ever! Wanabees can flock to this event on Tuesday and select a tune from amongst 7,000 songs on offer, as well as enjoy the wheel of fortune style twist and happy hour prices all night long. There’s bargain-bin prizes for all who are brave, or misguided, enough to enter, and the whole evening is based around throwing inhibitions to the winds.
In addition, this popular free night of karaoke that prides itself on having the most up to date song book has a spacious dance floor where all the action takes place, and the club has its own members’ policy. I.e. if you sing for more than ten minutes you will receive a stamp on a special card every time you perform, and when the card is filled with the little red stamps you will receive an official member’s club card that entitles you to drink offers, priority queue jumping for the karaoke and deals for other hot breath events. This event pulls in all kinds of courageous crowds up for a laugh making it definitely not one for wall flowers. So, once again if you like a good knees-up then this is the event for you. Check out their website for further details.

Anna – Marketing Team

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