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Magnificent views: the best terraces in Madrid

The capital of Madrid has a very hectic nightlife…there is something for everyone, with diverse settings, that vary greatly. When it comes to going out to have a drink or enjoying a night on the town, Madrid comprises a real combination of ages, tastes, and origins: classic bars, themed bars, romantic restaurants, cosmopolitan atmospheres…. A diversity that offers a multitude of very attractive options. The wealth and variety of this city is demonstrated in the bars, restaurants, clubs… and terraces. We have found another type of place: enormous parasols, sun loungers, cushions, and beds: for eating or having a drink, with a partner or a friend, unusual places that hide from the noise on the streets. The terraces in Madrid.

Urban Terrace

This terrace is located in the heart of the city, a few metres away from the Parliament and La Puerta del Sol.

3 adjectives define this place: classy, refined, and sumptuous. The most urban and glamorous terrace in Madrid is located in Calle San Jerónima, on the ceiling of the hotel Urban comprising a vanguard setting with a classical touch of the 80s, with a swimming pool surrounded by modern furnishings. This terrace offers a wide range of cocktails, with different Gin-Tonics, and a range of 200 other different kinds of cocktails comprising the most original mojitos and, the Ganges River with rum and pineapple…. In addition, this year the Champagne brand Dom Pérignon has launched a limited edition to pay tribute to Andy Warhole. The terrace also becomes a restaurant offering the best food products such as: fish, caviar, Iberian ham and lots more. Perfect for a night of extraordinary luxury underneath the stars.

The Penthouse

The Penthouse terrace is accessed via a private lift that takes you to the seventh floor of the ME Hotel. When you arrive at the attic everything looks very dark, and cosy with blues, purples, and pinks. The white sofas, the plants for decoration, the mini-bars, the music lounge… all this will transport you to a completely different world beyond the seven floors, with a view that will take your very breath away.

Even if the sofas aren’t available, the view can still be admired from the borders of the terrace that are large enough for you to sit down, and from where you can admire the incredible view of the Barrio de Las Letras.

The Penthouse offers cocktails, cava and drinks of all kinds. Wednesday nights they hold an after office with a 2 for 1 offer on drinks, and a selection of the best tapas by the Chef Víctor Carracedo.

SkyNight America

Jean Nouvel designed this exclusive space: the terrace of the Hotel Puerta de America, situated only 10 minutes from the centre of town. The SkyNight is located on the 13th floor of the Hotel, and 60 metres high above ground. The terrace comprises a glass enclosure with 3 areas, and 2 open air areas. With regards to the design of the open spaces, the open air areas are dimmed by red-orange coloured lights thus creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, the wine, champagne and cocktail menu is personalised and comprises drinks varying from classic mojitos, caipiriñas or caipiroskas to drinks such as original gin tonics available in nine different varieties. One of the things that the terrace particularly boasts is the quality of the music. Fridays and Saturdays are dedicated to the live Cocktail and Jazz session that take place from 11.30 pm. This venue is suitable for everyone: young people, adults, lovers of all things luxury, jazz, and soul fanatics.

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