The Magic of Harry Potter Lands in Madrid

Don’t miss Harry Potter: The Exhibition!

Spanish Harry Potter fans are in for a treat, because Harry Potter: The Exhibition is finally coming to Madrid! So if you’re planning on visiting the city or spending a weekend in Madrid, this is the perfect time to discover the magical world of author J.K. Rowling and young magician Harry Potter. Come with us to the Great Hall at Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest and much more besides…


Find the Philosopher’s Stone, the Golden Snitch and other magical objects on 9 amazing film sets!

Pavilion 1 at IFEMA, the Madrid Trade Fair, will house Harry Potter: The Exhibition until 2 April 2018. This will be the only Spanish stop on a world tour that has already travelled to 4 million people, taking in Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, New York, Paris and Holland, among many other places. If you’re planning on coming to Madrid, don’t miss it!

Visitors to this 1,400 m2 exhibition can enjoy dramatic displays inspired by the Harry Potter film sets and see original objects, props, costumes, fantastic creatures and interactive spaces up close!

Set 1 (The Sorting Hat): get under the Sorting Hat and find out which house you belong to. Will it be Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or maybe Hufflepuff?

Set 2 (Anteroom): take the Hogwarts Express to the Portrait Gallery, where the exhibition begins!

Set 3 (Gryffindor Common Room): this room is packed with objects from the three top stars of the series: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. You’ll also find the Marauder's Map, showing all the secret passageways at Hogwarts!

Gryffindor Common Room

Set 4 (Classrooms): admire Professor Snape’s original costume, try to see into the future in Professor Trelawney’s crystal ball in the Divination classroom, explore the Defence against the Dark Arts classroom and extract a real mandrake in the Herbology classroom!

Set 5 (Quidditch): try out your Quidditch skills and throw a real Quaffle! You can also see the Quidditch World Cup, the team uniforms and Harry Potter’s own broomstick, the Nimbus 2000!


Set 6 (Hagrid’s Hut): here you can meet Buckbeak the hippogriff and make yourself comfortable in the home of Hagrid, a half-giant wizard and Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. Take a break in his huge armchair and feel small for a moment!

Hagrid’s Hut

Set 7 (The Forbidden Forest): get ready to meet life-sized centaurs and an acromantula, a terrifying giant spider! Are you brave enough to enter?

Set 8 (The Dark Forces): the darkest parts of the films can all be found here. Death Eater cloaks and masks, six Horcruxes, a Dementor, a replica head of Nagini (Lord Voldemort’s faithful snake) or Lord Voldemort’s own suit. At least he isn’t wearing it!

Set 9 (The Great Hall): enjoy all the real accessories and artefacts from the wonderful Christmas Ball in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, including Hermione’s beautiful silk dress. You’ll also find the Deathly Hallows (the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility) and the sets of Honeydukes sweet shop and the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes joke shop. Not forgetting one of the main attractions: the staging of the epic Battle of Hogwarts.

If you’ve made up your mind to go, you can buy tickets at and get ready for Madrid at its most magical!

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