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Going for tapas in Madrid

Going for tapas in Madrid  

Tapas en Madrid: soldaditos de Pavía Although lots of people don’t realise it, Madrid is one of the best cities in Spain to go out for tapas. From the humble little plate of olives, to portions of manchego cheese, classic potatoes with spicy “brava” sauce and croquettes, in the majority of bars in Madrid you’ll find a good variety of tapas to go with your glass of wine, pint or vermouth.

Some of the best places to go for tapas in Madrid are the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor, Chamberí, La Latina, Layapiés and the district of Salamanca. In all these, you can enjoy home-made food as much as the most innovative dishes. And if you’ve got any doubts, let your sense of smell guide you.

Typical tapas dishes to eat in Madrid

If you go out to eat tapas in Madrid, you’ll be able to ascertain that all types of food is eaten in its busy taverns. It’s also useful to know what the most typical local specialities are, however. Some typical Madrilenian tapas dishes are:

Huevos estrellados, plato típico madrileñoHuevos estrellados – These are fried eggs, which are served with the yolk broken on a base of fried potatoes and chunks of Iberian ham. It’s said that the huevos estrellados of the Casa Lucio restaurant are the finest in all Madrid, and that you can’t say you’ve truly been to the city unless you’ve tried them.

Soldaditos de Pavía – These are strips of tenderized cod, battered with a safron mix and served with red pepper. Although they’re also eaten in Andalusia, they originate from Madrid. Their name (“Little Pavia Soldiers”) is said to be from the colour of the uniforms of the Spanish regiments who fought in the battle of Pavia in 1525.

Gastronomía típica: callos a la madrileñaCallos a la madrileña –“Callos” (tripe) is another typical dish from Madrid, and it’s not unusual for it to be served in small portions as tapas. Madrilenian-style callos are made in a beef stew with chorizo, Iberian ham and a mixture of tomato, paprika and other spices. You should definitely try it when you go out for tapas in Madrid.

Gallinejas –  Another dish of humble origins, exclusive to Madrid, which in these days is considered a “delicacy”. “Gallinejas” are lamb intestines fried in their own fat. Not suitable for vegetarians! They just contain a bit of salt, meaning that all the art is in the raw ingredients and preparation. Today, there’s few bars which serve this dish.

Bocadillo de calamares típico de Madrid Bocadillo de calamares –  This isn’t, strictly speaking, “tapas”, but squid sándwiches are one of the great classics of Madrid, and we couldn’t leave them out of the list. It just contains fried squid rings in French bread, seasoned with a tickle of lemon or mayonnaise. You’ll find this in almost every bar, but the most typical place to try a squid sandwich in Madrid is the Plaza Mayor.

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