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Places to go in Mallorca: The Drach Caves

Travel to the depths of the earth with the Drach caves

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Mallorca is the Drach caves (Dragon Caves). They are located in Manacor, on the west coast, a short distance away from Porto Cristo, a small fishing town featuring a pretty beach with clear and shallow waters.

Drach Caves Mallorca

The Drach caves in Mallorca were created naturally by the eroding power of the sea on the rocks. They measure 2.4km in length and 25 metres deep below the surface. Documented since the 1600’s, the caves were named after a dragon, the legendary creature featuring in Mallorcan folklore that guarded the town treasures.

The Drach caves are divided into four, large natural grottos connected together and covered by stalactite and stalagmite rock formations. In addition, in the depths of the caves hides one of the largest underground lakes in the world, Martel lake. Four lit-up boats float on the dark and salty waters. Throughout each visit, an orchestra on-board the wooden boats, play a little classic music concert with the following four pieces “Alborada gallega” by Caballero “Plaisir d’amour” by Martín, “Tristesse Studio 3 Opus 10” by Chopin and “Barcaola” de Offenbach.

The spectacular beauty of the place and the colourful light effects on the rock formations, make this moment of the tour particularly magical. Finally, after the concert you can go on a small boat ride in the one of the boats.
The Drach caves are a true spectacular of nature that, together with the lights and colours designed by Carles Buïgas, will immerse you in a relaxing and mysterious world of sensations.

Drach Caves Mallorca info

Advice for when visiting the Drach Caves:

Tours of the Drach caves are carried out in groups and last approximately an hour. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes that aren’t slippery as some parts of the cave get quite wet. It is also not advisable to bring prams as there are sections with stairs and narrow passages.

From April to October tours take place at: 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 14:00pm, 15:00pm, 16:00pm and 17:00pm. From November to March, tours take place at 10:45am, 12:00pm, 14:00pm, 15:30pm and at 16:30pm. There is no concert during the last tour.

If you are planning to visit the caves during the high season, we recommend that you avoid the more popular times during the day as this is when tourist buses arrive with large groups. It is better to go earlier or later during the day.

Access to the caves costs 15 euro for the adults and 8 euros for children between 3 and 12.

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