Diving in Majorca: Tips, Courses and Dive sites

Where to Go Diving in Majorca?

From the top, from the bottom, from the inside, from the surface, from the distance…however you look at it, Majorca is a magnificent island. Today though we are going to suggest you look at it from another perspective, concretely from beneath the waters which surround it. The sea around Majorca offers a whole new world to discover, so without further ado here are some tips about diving in Majorca.

Diving in Mallorca

The calm waters of Majorca are crystal clear and offer unrivalled visibility, which on clear days can be up to 50 meters. The water temperature hovers around 13ºC in winter and can reach up to 29ºC during the summer, which means you can go diving in Majorca year round. 

From free diving to night diving, to exploring sunken wrecks, underwater photography or cave diving, the possibilities of diving in Majorca are endless. The underwater landscapes are varied with caves, reefs and archaeological ruins plus an amazing amount of marine life. 

Some of the more common species in the waters around Majorca are groupers, conger and moray eels. At first light and at sunset it is common to see shoals of barracuda and bream

Dive in Mallorca

These are the main dive sites in Majorca: 

Tramuntana- This is the most extensive of all the dive sites in Majorca. It is a zone with abundant rock formations, home to many typical Mediterranean sea life. The best places to dive are Formenter Cape, Cataluña Cape, Port Sóller and Sant Elm. Only a few kilometres from Sant Elm is Drogonera Island which has a very interesting seabed. 

Palma Bay- A very enticing dive site. There is no longer any treasure to be found  but there are plenty of ship wrecks which are teeming with fish and other marine life.

East and Northeast- This zone includes Ratjada Cove, Alcúdia and the coast around Manacor, there are an infinite number of underwater caves. The majority of the caves are difficult to access so they are only recommended for expert cave divers. 

Diving Mallorca

In total there are 75 dive schools and dive centres in Majorca where you can learn to dive or go on a dive trip. If you don’t speak Spanish, no problem, because nearly all the schools have dive instructors or dive masters who speak English, German or French. You can find the majority of these schools on the Majorcan Dive Centres website.

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