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Top five beaches in Mallorca

 Best beaches in Mallorca

When talking about the beaches of Mallorca, more frequently than not you’ll hear the phrases “golden sands” or “crystal waters” used. Naturally stunning, the beaches in Mallorca are a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. To take the stress out of what should be a relaxing day out, we present our guide.

Best beaches for luxury: Cala d’Or

The unbelievably attractive coves of the Cala d’Or (“Golden Cove”) are the best beaches in Mallorca for stretching out on the shimmering sand, looking up at the sky and indulging in the hedonism of nature. This area of rampant geographical opulence has been embellished by, among other things, a host of luxury yachts.

Quietest beach in Mallorca: Es Dolç beach

Travellers can waste their holiday searching for the holy grail of a quiet, undiscovered beach in Mallorca. Forget about it: the area’s too good for any part of it to have gone totally unnoticed. Some beaches are better than others, however, and Es Dolç offers a finely milled sandy carpet and a relatively calm experience.

Best beaches for diving: the Cales de Mallorca

The Cales de Mallorca comprise three beautiful coves, whose underwater caves are an international attraction for divers. There’s plenty of diving centres around, which cater for all levels (so don’t worry if you’ve never dived before). You’ll think you’ve come to the Caribbean.

Best Beach for celebrity spotting in Mallorca: Formentor beach

Due to the famous Barceló Formentor hotel nearby, this beach has attracted A-list stars from all professions, from Winston Churchill to Audrey Hepburn. It’s easy to see why. Although the beach is relatively narrow, the “golden sands and crystal waters” tag could have been made in its honour. Beware: parking costs € 4.

Beach beaches for scenery: Cala Banyalbufa

The shingle beaches here mean this is not one for sunbathing. But it’s definitely worth a look. Wind your way amongst the steep cliffs and see if you can see the differentiation in the water where the sea mixes with river. Watch the rocks fold away into the distance and you’ll feel as though the beach were yours.

To learn about other attractions on this beautiful island, take a look at our Mallorca travel guide.

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