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Five Reasons Why Majorca is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Choose Life. Choose Majorca for your Honeymoon. 

Your eyes met across the crowded dance floor, you both knew it was love at first sight. After a whirlwind romance where love was shouted to the moon, came the introductions to the friends then it was time for the nerve wracking introduction to the parents. You presume all went well, now after a few weeks, months, years you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level and…OMG…Get Married. Congratulations! Now I’ve got to try and sell you the idea of Majorca as a honeymoon destination so here goes, my five reasons  as to why you should have your honeymoon in Majorca. 

Beach honeymoon in MallorcaBeaches- No one and I mean no one ever gets married in winter, the reason? A honeymoon on the beach. Majorca is truly blessed when it comes to beaches and two perennial favourites are Es Caragol and Cala Llombards. Think crystal clear water, dazzling white sand, trendy beach bars and fantastic seafood restaurants and you get the idea. Beats Blackpool hands down, doesn’t it? With over 80 beaches to choose from your honeymoon in Majorca is looking better already.

Restaurant in Majorca. Restaurants- Majorca is synonymous with great food whether it‘s a paella using fresh caught ingredients or a traditional Majorcan dish using locally reared pork or lamb and fresh organic vegetables. For a romantic dining experience, Lua simply can’t be beaten, enjoy a succulent seafood dinner overlooking the very picturesque Port de Sóller harbor. Another lively alternative is La Boveda close to Palma harbor, popular with tourist and locals who come to sample the fantastic tapas and seafood dishes. Don’t forget to take a few Majorcan specialties home as a souvenir of your honeymoon in Majorca.  

Honeymoon in MajorcaNightlife- Luckily for you the nightlife in Majorca isn’t just confined to the hours after the sun sets. Plenty of beach bars including the incredibly exclusive Nikki Beach start the partying early and finish very late. During the day soak up the sun and live it up under the Spanish sun then party all night long. Celebrate your honeymoon in style. Just remember that too much partying doesn't leave time for other honeymoon activities. 

Explore Majorca on your honeymoonExplore the Island- If you’re looking to escape the crowds during your honeymoon in Majorca then hiring a car and exploring the mountainous interior is a definite must. One of the most scenic drives in Majorca is along the MA-10, whilst only 40 miles long it twists and turns its way up the west coast taking in spectacular views of the mountains, small caramel coloured villages, orchards and of course the magnificent blue sea.  The route finishes in Sóller where surrounded by mountains you can watch the sun set over the island. 

Honeymoon in MajorcaFriendly Rentals Apartments- A honeymoon is all about romance and Friendly Rentals' apartments in Majorca are built for loving. Whether you want an apartment on the beach, with a terrace, in the city centre or in the country you'll find it with Friendly Rentals. In fact our apartments are so good you may just want to spend all your time inside doing what people do on their honeymoons and leave the exploration of Majorca for another time.  

These are just a few ideas as to why you should choose Majorca as your honeymoon destination. There are plenty more reasons but I’ll let you discover them for yourselves. Happy Honeymoon!

James - Marketing Team

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