La Concepción: Malaga’s Historical Botanic Gardens

 Walking Tours of La Concepción, Malaga's Botanic Garden

When we think of Malaga, the largest city on the Costa del Sol,  long hot days spent on the beach soaking up the rays of the Andalusian sunshine, bullfighting, flamenco, tapas and a lively nightlife are what spring to mind. However stepping away from the steretypes Malaga is a lot more to Malaga than meets the eye, for one it is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and home to many important historical monuments and many tourist attractions. However one of the most beautiful attractions to escape the the stereotypical Malga would have to be Malaga’s Botanic Gardens or as it is better known La Concepció Botanic Gardens

Located on the outskirts of Malaga this 49 hectare estate houses, La Concepcíon, a romantic- style garden  home to more than 2,000 species of plants. The history of La Concepcíon dates back to 1855 when the gardens creators, Jorge Loring and Amalia Heredia, decided to create a garden after visiting some of Europe’s finest gardens whilst on their honeymoon. Their comfortable economic situation coupled with their international contacts enabled them to build one of the finest collections of flora in southern Europe. After being purchased  by the Echevarria-Echevarrieta family in 1911 the gardens were extended to their current size with the addition of several new areas.

Today the Botanic Gardens provide the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of vibrant Malaga and ease into the quiet of the Gardens,  get in touch with nature, lose yourself in the gardens  and enjoy spectacular views of Malaga and surrounds. One of the best ways to explore and appreciate the gardens is to take one of the many walking itineraries in the gardens. 

The Jewels of La Concepción- Lasting about 1.5 hours this easy to follow walking tour is a great place to start. Encompassing footbridges, small waterfalls, the Stately home, the Doric-style museum, ponds and not to forgetting to mention an amazing variety of plant species this walk gives a great introduction to the beauty of La Concepción.

The Themed Gardens- Featuring Primitive plants, African Flora, bamboos, citrus and palm trees this section of the garden is devoted to those plants noted for their botanical characteristics, usage or role they play in culture.

Around the World- As the name suggests this itinerary offers the opportunity to see plant species from each of the five continents, beginning in Nth America and then heading through Central and South America  crossing into Europe via Africa and then on to Asian before finishing in Oceania. Around the world in less than 1km it provides gardeners with a fascinating insight into the variety of the world’s flora and how it has adapted to the climate in Malaga. 

The Viewpoint- This brief itinerary through Mediterranean vegetation offers spectacular views of the La Concepción Botanical gardens and the city of Malaga as well as the opportunity to enjoy views of the canopies of both sub-tropical and native trees.

The Forest Route- Cutting through the Botanic gardens from north to south this itinerary running through native forest offers a number of breathtaking views of Malaga, La Concepción Botanical Gardens, Mountains of Malaga Natural Park and San José estate.

Why not escape the winter and experience it for yourself?

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