Miami’s Best Cuban Restaurants

Where to eat Cuban in Miami

With over 30% of Miami’s population having Cuban roots it comes as no surprise there is a plethora of Cuban restaurants in Miami. The only problem with so many restaurants is choosing where to go when you have a hankering for some fried plantains, croquetas or ropa vieja. We’ll take the stress out of choosing with this handy guide to Miami’s best Cuban restaurants

Cuban Restaurnat MiamiVersailles- If you only go to one Cuban restaurant in Miami it has to be this one. For over 40 years it has been giving Cuban ex-pats the taste of home and a place to talk politics. From morning to late in the evening Versailles is buzzing with activity, get down early to join the elderly men sipping coffee over a game of domino or after 9pm when it is truly humming with diners enjoying  ropa vieja, shredded beef in tomato sauce served with moro, rice and beans. Where: 3555 SW 8th St. 

Islas Canarias Cuban Restaurant MiamiIslas Canarias- When a croqueta craving hits there is only one Cuban restaurant in Miami that can satisfy that craving, Islas Canarias. Family owned and run for over 30 years this restaurant not only serves the best croquetas in all Miami but a fantastic selection of food from Cuba and as the name suggests the Canary Islands. Apart from the croquetas the Arroz con Pollo y Maduro, yellow rice with chicken and plantains, is a must have. Where: 13695 SW 26th St. 

Exquisito Cuban Restaurant MiamiExquisito Restaurant-Halfway along Little Havana’s Calle Ocho you’ll find this excellent Cuban restaurant. The cheap prices and excellent food have been attracting locals and tourists for 30 years.  To start the day off Cuban style, the Bistec pequeno served with fries and eggs and washed down with a café con leche is an excellent choice.  If you arrive later in the day the Lechon Asado with Moro, Cuban Roast Pork, will leave you feeling more than satisfied. Where: 1510 SW 8th St. 

Tell us what you think of our selection of Cuban Restaurants in Miami. Do you know of any other s which should be included on the list? Leave a comment and let us know.

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