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Fantasilandia pop surrealism and lowbrow art exhibition 2010 in Milan

Pop surrealism and art in Milan

Pop surrealism and/or lowbrow art is appearing in the next exhibition taking place from the 17th of September to the 30th of November in the Antonio Colomo contemporary art gallery located in the Italian city of Milan. This exhibition entitled Fantasilandia and commissioned by Julie Kogler attempts to shed light on some of the most innovative aspects of a vibrant and original artistic movement for which international galleries are increasingly making more room.

Pop surrealism and/or lowbrow art describes underground visual art that emerged towards the end of the 70s on the East coast of the United States, and which originates in the world of underground comix, punk music, the American hot rod culture, and other types of subculture. Both terms are considered interchangeable, although critics make a distinction between those surrealist pop artists whose works originate from a more academic base, and lowbrow artists (poor quality, in comparison to high art and accepted standards) who are characterised by origins that are not strictly related to Fine Arts, such as illustration, tattoo art and underground comix. In fact, various lowbrow artists are self-taught, something that separates them from the standard artistic panorama.

Viewers will be able to observe the pop surrealist works of Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup and Eric White in this Fantasilandia exhibition, in addition to other lowbrow illustrations of other artists such as Anthony Ausgang, Gary Taxali and Heiko Müller, as well as the works of the Italian painter, Nicola Verlato who introduced this movement in Italy, and finally Grabrielle Arruzzo.

Through this exhibition we will be able to observe the work carried out by artists whose creations alternate between pop culture and high culture that in turn give rise to aesthetically cutting edge, figurative art. It is a world where all kinds of contemporary icons are combined with the imaginary fantastic, taking the visitor on a surprising journey through a fantasy world.

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