Kids’ Activities in Milan

Activities to do and places to go with children in Milan

Milan is one of the powerhouses of Italy and, of course, the capital of fashion. When you think of Milan, refined and elegant are two of the first words that spring to mind. So you might think that Milan’s not so great for kids… but it’s not true! Milan is a multifaceted city where you can have a great family holiday. Here are some ideas of things to do with children in Milan to help you with your planning.

Milan Aquarium. The Acquario civico di Milano was built in 1906 and is one of the oldest in Europe, although it has been revamped and modernised. It is home to over a hundred species of fish and invertebrates. Children love seeing all these different sea creatures. And, best of all, admission is free!

Buying an ice cream. It might sound like stating the obvious, but Milan boasts lots of ice-cream parlours where kids (and grownups) can try real Italian ice cream. Check out the delicious Grom and Odeon ice-cream parlours. Get ready for sticky hands and chocolate-covered faces!

Leonardo da Vinci Science Museum. Close to the church housing Leonardo Da Vinci’s fresco The Last Supper is the Science and Technology Museum—a must if you’re on a family holiday in Milan. This fun, educational, interactive museum is always a hit with children and parents alike—let your imagination run wild!

Children’s Museum. The Museo dei Bambini Milano (MUBA) is a museum specially designed for children. Kids can learn about their five senses, colours, art and architecture. You won’t find any signs saying “Don’t Touch”.

Ulrico Hoepli Planetarium. Milan has the largest planetarium in Italy. Children can learn about stargazing, the weather on Mars, what the Earth looks like from space and even enjoy performances introducing them to astronomy. There are lots of activities for kids in the planetarium and admission is reasonably priced.

Prehistoric Park.  The Parco della Preistoria is only 25 km away from Milan, in the middle of a stunning countryside full of woodland along the River Adda. You’ll find scale models of 31 prehistoric species, including dinosaurs, anthropoids and primitive humans… There’s also a palaeontology museum, animals roaming fairly freely and a play and picnic area.

These are just a few ideas of places to go with kids in Milan. If you have any other recommendations, please let us know!

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