Where to have Brunch in Paris?

The best brunches in Paris

Brunch in ParísObviously brunch is not a meal that is usually associated with Paris, but the British tradition of brunch is quickly catching on in the French capital with restaurants, bistros and boulangeries now offering this delicious mid morning alternative. So why not set aside a day of your holidays for brunch in Paris and forget about burning our tongues with hot coffee before heading out to explore the city?

These are some of the best places to have brunch in Paris.

Brunch en París, boulangerie CoquelicotCOQUELICOT- The boulangerie Coquelicot in Montmartre, is one of the most popular spots for breakfast or brunch in Paris, whether it is in the terrace during the warmer months or inside, enveloped in the smell of freshly made bread, during winter. The Coquelicot brunch is made from the freshest produce and includes orange juice, coffee, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, fruit salad, sautéed potatoes served on a bed of vegetables and mini hamburgers. Where: 24 rue des Abesses. Montmartre. When: Brunch is served everyday of the week. Recommended to reserve on Saturday and Sunday. Price: 18€-20€

Brunch en casa Lola, ParísCASA LOLA- A welcoming restaurant where there are many different kinds of brunch available, all prepared with fresh Mediterranean produce. Here they start with sweet flavours: homemade jams, sponge cakes, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice…and the flavour festival continues with pastrami and mustard bagels served with crunchy bacon and scrambled eggs, steak tartar with fresh herbs or coleslaw amongst others. Where:12 rue Francoeur. Montmartre. When: Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm Price: 19€-26€

Restaurante Ozo en ParisOZO- Ozo is another popular restaurant to have mid-morning brunch to recharge the batteries before continuing sightseeing in Paris. Located in the Marais neighbourhood and featuring a modern designed décor, brunch at Ozo is a heavenly mixture of flavours, orange juice, melon salad, homemade yoghurt, scrambled eggs or feta salad and marinated vegetables. Where: 37 Quincampoix. Marais. When: Every Sunday 11am-4:30pm Price: 22.50€ approx.

Chez Casimir, uno de los mejores brunch de ParísCHEZ CASIMIR- If you want to have a buffet style brunch in Paris with generous helpings this is the place to go. The owner is from Brittany, meaning the delicious specialities are from this region of France, bread and butter, fresh salads, omelettes, mussels, cold meat, salt cod terrines…Where:6 rue de Belzcune. Gare du Nord When: Everyday of the week from 10am-7pm Price: 26€ approx.

Brunch en Nolita, sofisitcado y chicNOLITA- This restaurant on the Champs-Elysees roundabout serves a delicious Italian style brunch and fantastic views from the terrace. Nolita’s brunch is abundant and a little more sophisticated than others, swordfish carpaccio, bresaola with shaved parmesan, focaccias, risotto, marinated vegetables, croissants… Where: 1 avenue Matigon, Champs-Elysees When: Sunday 11:30am-4pm Price:39€ approx 

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