Paris is not just for lovers. There is plenty for families to do as well. There is no need to spend your time wandering around lots of art galleries or indulging in cultural tourism that with bore your children and turn them off travel for life.

Here is a list of the top things to do during 3 days in Paris with children. When travelling with children it is best not to try and fit too much in. Take your time and don’t try to do too many attractions in one day. Pick two of these attractions from the list and make them last all day. If you have time left at the end of the day then relax in one of the parks and allow the children some time to explore. Paris with children is best explored slowly.

Climb the Eiffel Tower

It may be very touristy but no-one can say they have visited Paris without having climbed the Eiffel tower at least once. If you can buy your tickets online before your visit you will save yourself from the huge queue that always seems to be present. You could also take advantage of the opportunity to get the downloadable kids activity book at the same time.

You must see the Eiffel tower during your 3 days in Paris

Visit the Lourve

Children aren’t always great fans of art and not all adults are fascinated by hundreds of pictures lining gallery walls either but Paris is home to some of the most stunning art galleries in the world with works that can hold the attention of even the most easily bored child for a couple of hours. If the Lourve itself doesn’t appeal then why not try the Galerie d’Apollon instead and view the remains of the crown jewels of France.

Take a boat ride on the Seine

Not only is a boat ride on the river a great way to see Paris from a different perspective it is great for children. They have the excitement of travelling on the water and they get to relax for a while without the need to struggle through crowded streets. If you have very young children then take along some toys or books to keep them amused while you enjoy Paris from the water.

Visit the Arc de Triomphe

This is another of the classic monuments of Paris. There is a fee to pay if you want to climb the the 300+ steps to the top of the arch but if you have children with you then it is probably easier to admire the arch from underneath. The Arc de Triomphe is home to the memorial to the unknown soldier so don’t forget to pay homage while you are there.

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the 'must-see' monuments during 3 days in Paris