Mucha Museum in Prague, A Symbol of Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau at Prague’s Mucha Museum 

Alfonse Mucha  PosterWhen in Prague all art lovers should visit the Mucha Museum. It is a small museum wholly dedicated to the popular Czech artist. 

Alfons Mucha (1860-1939) is internationally considered to be one of the finest exponents of Art Nouveau. He began his career painting theatrical scenery in Moravia. It was when he moved to Paris in 1887 that he began his artistic career creating numerous illustrated advertisements. He soon became famous thanks to his works done for the actress Sarah Bernhardt and posters for “Théatre de la Renaissance”. After many years in the United States, Mucha returned to Prague, where he decorated the Theatre of Fine Arts and other emblematic buildings of the city.

His work often features young women surrounded by floral garlands in curvaceous and asymmetrical lines. 

In the Mucha Museum in Prague there are more than 100 of the artists works on display: oil paintings, decorative panels, drawings, lithographs, photographs….There is also a reconstruction of the artist’s studio in Paris complete with various personal objects. The museum is divided into five rooms, each dedicated to a different stage in the artist’s life.

A highly recommendable visit for all art lovers. 

Practical Information

  • Where: Kaunický palác Panská 7. Praga.
  • When: Daily from10am to 6pm
  • Admission: 180CZK (7€)

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Four Seasons, Alfons Mucha

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