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Prague clubs

A poster from the Cross Club, PragueThose who think the bars and clubs in Prague are just about cheap beer and strip clubs are missing out – there’s much more to the Czech capital by night than this. With everything from relaxed bars for a quiet night in, to avant-garde nightclubs and the city’s dangerous taste for absinthe, you’re sure to find something to keep you entertained. Here, we look at some of the best clubs in Prague.

Clubs in Prague’s Old Town

The Old Town is the most obvious spot for anyone looking for the bars and clubs in Prague, and contains most of the city’s best-known establishments.

  • A theatre as well as a club, restaurant and live music venue, Lavka offers exceptional views of Charles Bridge. Unfortunately, it’s also considered to be somewhat overpriced.
  • Spanning five stories, Karlovy Lázně is the biggest club in Prague, and also central Europe. Naturally, this is a place which offers something for everyone, except, perhaps, the severely agoraphobic.
  •  The M1 Secret Lounge (oops, did we give that one away?) is a good place for those looking for something more upmarket. It’s more of a bar than a club, although has a decent-sized dance floor. Door policy is tough: look the part.
  • The warehouse-like feel of Roxy makes it another large Prague club that fits in well with the city’s raw feel. This club has a tradition of big-name DJs, such as Faithless.

Clubs in Prague’s New Town

Czech clubs from Prague's New Town

Stop two on the Prague club party train.

  • Lucerna has student club written all over if. From jazz acts during the week to a busy 80s / 90s nights on the weekends (what are you reminiscing for? You weren’t even there!). All of which can mean only two things: dressing down and a good proportion of local student totty.
  • Duplex is situated on top of a beautiful building, but has something of a reputation for being a tourist trap. If you’re after a spot of celebrity-hunting, you might be intrigued to know that Mick Jagger celebrated his birthday here. Quite.

Other Prague clubs

The Cross Club, PragueDespite being slightly far out, the Cross Club is consistently rated as one of Prague’s best clubs. Seemingly designed to look like the inside of an aeroplane, the club is full of industrial sculptures and metal studs, and its metallic charms attract artistic types from the local area. Wins prizes for originality; the fastidious need not apply.

  …and that’s not all! There’s plenty more clubs in Prague we haven’t had space to write about; why not write in and share your favourites?

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