Shopping in Prague: Garnet, Crystal, Marionettes and Liquor

Souvenirs to buy in Prague

Right, you’ve seen all the major sights in Prague, gotten lost in the ancient winding streets and downed a couple of Czech beers or maybe more all the while enjoying the feeling of not having to be anywhere in particular and at no particular time. The only date you have in the near future is with the airplane to take you home, which is when you start thinking souvenirs. So here are a few typical souvenirs from Prague

Marionettes, souvenir from PragueMarionettes and Wooden Toys- Just wandering around Prague you would have no doubt seen shops full to overflowing with marionettes and wooden toys. The Czech Republic has a long history of marionette making and one of the most typical is the Good Soldier Svejk but there are many others in teh form of witches, farmers, demons and princesses. A fantastic souvenir of your time in Prague for your mother-in-law. 

Bohemian CrystalBohemian Crystal- Of all the souvenirs available in Prague Bohemian Crystal is the most typical. Originating in this region during the XIII century it is famous for its quality and design. Finding a shop selling Bohemian crystal shouldn’t be too difficult but if you want the best here are our recommendations Celetná Crystal, Blue Praha, Karlový Vary Celetná.

Garnet CzechCzech Garnet- The deep red of Bohemian Garnet as it is also known, has for centuries been highly sought after and much appreciated. According to local legend it even has curative powers. You can find jewellers selling loose stones or jewellery encrusted with this semi-precious stone in Wenceslas Square and other zones of the city. 

Czech BeerCzech Beer- Not all of Prague’s typical souvenirs are exquisite pieces of craftsmanship, some are for the palate like Czech beer. Which is in its own way the result of exquiste craftsmanship but not the take home and put on the shelf kind like a marionette or piece of crystal. Some of the best and world renowned Czech beer includes Pilsner Urquell, Radegast, Staropramen Gambrinus and Budweisser.

Liquor becherovkaBecherovka Liquor- Continuing with the alcohol them, the characteristic green bottle of Becherovka and the liquor it contains is a popular souvenir. Made with a varied selection of herbs it is said to have medicinal properties and is a popular digestive which is why it is known as the 13th fountain of the Karlový Vary health spa. 

Other souvenirs and typical products from Prague you can fill your luggage with are Alfons Mucha prints, painted wooden eggs, absinthe, classical music and ceramic houses...

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User Comments:

  • KateRoss
    19 August 2014
    I can recommend you visit the Museum/ shop of Garnet ( Prague 1, Panska 6) it is one of the few places in Prague where you can be sure not to buy a piece of glass. Granat Turnov made jewelry in sterling silver and gold. I think it's good souvenirs from Czech.
  • Shavkat
    30 June 2016
    Hi everyone. Czech garnets are very attractive and you can purchase it in Panska 6 (Museum of Garnet). Price also good. Here is also souvenir shop and Info-centre. You can take city map. Tours also you can book come here as well
  • John
    19 July 2016
    Hi everyone. I was in Prague and was Panska 6 also. There was info-centre. You can take city map and also useful information. All of this free. here is some shops with crystal, garnet, souvenirs, jewellery and cosmetics. You should go there if you will go to Prague. costs are also nice.

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