Rome at its most romantic for couples

The top ten romantic hotspots in Rome

Cobbled streets, hundreds of flavours of ice cream, stunning sunsets, monumental fountains… You could easily fall in love with the capital of Italy itself, but today we’re going to look at some magic spots for snatching a kiss from your partner, places that bring your inner Cupid to life. In other words, the most romantic spots in Rome, either for Valentine’s Day or a weekend getaway.

What are the most romantic places in Rome?

Fontana di Trevi, romantic Rome1. The Trevi Fountain

Classic, epic and touristy. You can’t blame me for starting the list with such a well-known spot. The Trevi Fountain should feature on any list of romantic hotspots in Rome. After all, Federico Fellini chose to shoot his memorable love scene in La Dolce Vita here… It’s at its most romantic and magical at night.

Orange Garden Rome2. The Orange Garden at sunset

The Parco Savello, better known as the Orange Garden, boasts stunning views over the city, including the Vatican. It’s an amazing place to watch the sun set. The view is the same as from the Gardens of the Knights of Malta, but without the need to peep through the famous keyhole.

Campo de Fiori - Rome3. Campo de’ Fiori

Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake for suggesting the earth went around the sun. Today there’s no fear you’ll be denounced for heresy even if you profess to your partner that your heart goes around theirs. On many mornings, you’ll find an open-air market selling typical Roman produce. In the afternoon, it’s a great spot for sitting at one of its many bars and cafes.

Villa Farnesina Rome4. The enchanting frescos at Villa Farnesina

If you haven’t found Rome’s artistic and cultural attractions romantic enough, head over to Villa Farnesina. This 16th-century villa is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture in Rome. Inside there’s a collection of romantic and erotic frescos painted by Raphael and other contemporary artists.

romantic Rome: Santa Maria in Cosmedin5. The church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin and the Mouth of Truth

This beautiful medieval church might not be the most famous in the city, but it must feature in a list of its romantic places. Why? Because inside there’s a glass cabinet with Saint Valentine’s skull. Outside you’ll find the Mouth of Truth, where you can put your partner’s fidelity (or yours…) to the test.

the banks of the Tiber6. A walk along the banks of the Tiber

Riverside walks have a certain something that sparks romantic stirrings in all of us, and the River Tiber is no exception. Take your partner by the hand and stroll along Lungotevere if you’re looking for a new perspective on the city. If the weather’s good, how about a picnic on the Isola Tiberina?

Sant’Angelo Bridge7. Sant’Angelo Bridge

On Sant’Angelo Bridge, Bernini’s sculptures of angels rival Saint Peter’s Basilica as a beauty spot. It’s one of the loveliest bridges in Rome. On the other side is the imposing Sant’Angelo Castle, with hidden passageways for the popes to escape in the face of danger. There are stunning views from its terrace.

Villa Borghese, Rome for couples8. Villa Borghese Gardens

A haven of peace and quiet away from the traffic, people and hustle and bustle of Rome. Inside you’ll find the Borghese Gallery, Etruscan Museum, the zoo, a lake where you can hire rowing boats, and the unique Cinema dei Piccoli, the smallest cinema in the world. You can explore it by bike or laze together under a tree.

Campidoglio Rome9. Piazza del Campidoglio

An impressive flight of stairs, known as La Cordonata, leads up to the top of this panoramic site. The geometric paving stones and facades were designed by Michelangelo. There are stunning views over the ruins at the Forum, which are even more impressive at night.

10. Your apartment in Rome

Need I say more …?

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