Exploring Rome with Kids

Keeping the Kids Amused in Rome

Whilst Italians generally love children, their cities do not and Rome is a good example of this. Stairs, traffic, long lines and stroller unfriendly cobble stones are just some of the problems which you may encounter. This shouldn’t put you off from taking the kids to Rome as there are a plethora of activities for the children to enjoy. Let’s have a look at some of the activities for kids in Rome.

Gladiator school for kids in RomeGLADIATOR SCHOOL- What child wouldn’t want to be a gladiator for a day? The two hour class begins with a history lesson followed by the opportunity to try on various gladiator costumes. Then it’s time for the big event, gladiator training complete with foam swords, shields, tunics, sand and sweat but fortunately no blood. The class ends with a gladiator naming ceremony and certificate. This excellent chidren's activity in Rome is best done after a visit to the Colosseum and Circus.  

Kids activities in RomeEXPLORA IL MUSEO DEI BAMBINI- The Childrens’ Museum in Rome provides a welcome respite from sight seeing. An interactive museum with lots of hands on fun for kids under 12, with button making, masks, robot workshops and best of all pizza making workshop. The activities and displays are in Italian but the helpful staff speaks English. 

Rome with Kids Bocca della VeritaBOCCA DELLA VERITA- The feared “Mouth of Truth”, Rome’s very own lie detector. Place your hand in the gaping mouth of the sculpture and if it is bitten off you are deemed to be a liar. This is much more fun for the parents watching their children squirm as they place their hand into the mouth than for the kids. Remember, honesty is always the best policy. 

Via Appia Rome with KidsVIA APPIA- An excellent way to escape the crowds and see a little more of Rome is to cycle along the ancient Roman road, the Via Appia. Wind you way past historic monuments, ancient churches before disappearing underground to explore the creepy but fascinating catacombs. There are several bicycle rental companies along the way. The best day to visit is on a Sunday or holiday when the roads are closed to private traffic converting it to one enormous pedestrian zone. 

Gelato Trevi FountainPIZZA AND GELATO- No explanation needed here. The kids will absolutely love eating as much gelato and pizza as you let them. These are our favourite gelaterias. Yum!

TREVI FOUNTAIN- A great place to have a rest after visiting the sights and as a way of gauging the success of your trip to Rome with the kids. Tell them legend that says any visitor throwing a coin into the fountain will return to Rome one day. They may just decide to keep the money for a gelato. 

Aside for these activities there are lots of parks, squares and museums for you to explore with the kids in Rome. Do you have any other suggestions?  

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