Who wouldn't want to eat at the Top 5 pintxos bars in San Sebastian?

The Best Pintxos Bars in San Sebastian

Unlike the rest of Spain, the Basque Country doesn’t eat tapas but pinchos or pintxos (Basque spelling). Here pintxos are ordered separately from drinks so they don't come free when you order a drink as is the case in other Spanish regions. There are two types of pintxos, cold pintxos which are normally displayed on the bar and you can take when you choose or order them from the waiter and hot pintxos that you have to order fromthe waiter since they have to be cooked and prepared freshly, or warmed up.

Pintxos are usually a snack before going out to have lunch or eaten in the evening as a luight dinner accompanied by a glass of red wine, txikito, or a beer, zurito. If you are going to visit San Sebastian, we suggest you take a look at our selectionof the  five best bars or restaurants where you can enjoy the best pintxos in San Sebastian.

Pinchos en San Sebastián: TxepetxaTXEPETA- This small bar in the old part of San Sebastian is one of those bars where you simply have to stop and try some of their famous pintxos. The house speciality being their famous anchovies which are prepared in a large variety of tasty and original ways. We recommend you try the anchovies with spider crab paste or anchovy pintxos with sea urchin eggs.Where:Pescaderia, 5,

Bar de pinchos Bergara, DonostiaBar Bergara- Located in the Gros district, an area not that well known for its tapas, this restaurant offers an exquisite range of quality pintxos. Famous for the variety of sandwiches such as spanish omelette with anchovies and for the sophisticated range of anchovy, scallop and squid pintxos, all at very reasonable prices and it goes without saying delicious. Where: General Artetxe, 8

Borda Berri, pintxos en San SebastiánBorda Berri-This modest bar has an incredibely large range of imaginative sandwiches and pintxos on offer. They also cater to the most demandin palates with their delicious selection of risottos, pâtés, and croquettes, etc. Another place to definitely stop-off in San Sebastian. Where:Fermin Calbetón, 12

Bar de pintxos Txondorra, DonostiaBar Txondorra- A modern and pleasant bar where diners will be amazed with the incredibly large range of pintxos which include such specialities as kangaroo croquettes, shark croquettes, brie with sun dried tomatoes and caramelised onion, or baked scallops with mushrooms. All extremely delicious. Where:Fermin Calbetón, 7

Bar Ciaboga San SebastiánBar Ciaboga- For over 20 years this small bar has been wowing clients with their garlic and parsley potatoes covered in a light sprinkling of paprika. Located only 100m away from Conch Berach it is the perfect place to stop for  apre lunch drink and a snack. Where:Easo, 9

What do you think of our selection of pintxo bars in San Sebastian? If you would like to discover these and more places to enjoy delicous pintxos in San Sebastian please have a look at our board on Pinterest: San Sebastian's Best Experimental and Traditional Pintxos

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  • Pintxolari
    01 October 2010
    Well, that list offers pretty good bars, however, I would have make a differente choice. A TOP 10 list of pintxos can be seen at http://www.todopintxos.com/home/home.php?lang=en
  • Anna
    19 May 2014
    This is a nice list (I live in SS)! It's difficult to find the "best" restaurants. For example, look at the simple Tortilla - same places make them taste sooo good: http://wp. me/p4iLrw-uM

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