Looking for San Sebastian's Best Steak

Looking for The World's Best Steak in San Sebastian 

If you are a vegetarian please look away now.  Meat lovers on the other hand please look and read for what you are about to see will delight your taste buds and awaken your inner carnivore. Drooling is optional.  Today we are going to examine the most coveted of all meats , the famed Chuletón de Buey, a massive chunk of rib eye steak on the bone lovingly grilled over the coals until it becomes so  succulent and tender that it melts in your mouth. Served with a generous scattering of sea salt it is without a doubt the star attraction at many restaurants in San Sebastian.  We are going to show you the best. 

Chuleton Bar Nestor San SebastianBar Nestor: When researching this post there was one name which kept on popping up as having the best chuletón in San Sebastian, Bar Nestor. This restaurant can best be described as cosy and I think that is being generous but we aren’t here to dance we are here to eat meat. The only space we need is the space required to bring the meat from plate to mouth.  The chuletón was cooked to perfection; just look at the photo, the only problem was there wasn’t enough.  The rest of the menu at Bar Nestor is fairly limited with a tortilla emerging from the kitchen twice a day, once at 1pm and again at 8pm, which by the way is almost as good as the chuletón.  A tomato salad, olives and fried green peppers round out the menu. Where: C/ Pescadería, 11. 

Steak in San SebastianGandarias Jatetxea:  The first thing that captures your eye when you enter this restaurant in the old quarter of San Sebastian is the bar overflowing with pintxos of all kinds,  great for a pre-chuletón snack. Those looking for an alternative to meat won’t be disappointed as the extensive menu offers the best of Basque cuisine with multiple seafood dishes.  But we have come here for the meat, a hefty 1.5kg slab of rib eye fillet expertly cooked and served with an ample smattering of salt. Mouth-wateringly good. The Basques really know how to cook meat. This restaurant is a must for anyone visiting San Sebastian. Where: C/ 31 de Agosto, 23.  

San Sebastian RestaurantTxuleta: The name says it all, Txuleta, chuletón en Basque and that is what they do best. Succulent rib eye cuts of the finest Galician beef slowly grilled over the coals until it is cooked just the way you like it. The presentation perfect and the taste divine. The range of pintxos is extensive as is the rest of the menu in the case that one of your party wants to try other Basque cuisine, why they would I don’t know especially when the chuletón is as good as it is here. Where: C/ 31 de Agosto, 40. 

There you have our top three restaurants in San Sebastian to eat a perfectly cooked rib eye fillet steak otherwise known as heaven on a plate. Enjoy! Let us know what you think or if we missed a restaurant you know of which should be included on the list drop us a line and let us know.   

James - Marketing Team

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