Surfing the Basque Country: San Sebastian & Zarautz

Surf spots around San Sebastian

The Basque Country is a surfers paradise with more than 30 world class spots along the 200km of coastline. The picturesque town of San Sebastian provides the perfect base from which to explore the region and discover not only the surf but the natural wonders of this spectacular part of Spain.

San Sebastian

Surf in San Sebastian, Zurriola BeachThe area around San Sebastian offers surfers of all levels the chance to get in the water and catch some great waves all year round. 

Zurriola- The most popular surf beach in San Sebastian produces good quality waves on all tides, some sections even tube if conditions are right. The beach has excellent facilities including showers, bars and much more. 

La Concha- In the sheltered Concha Bay, this popular spot offers spectacular views of the city of San Sebastian from the water. Mostly small right handers which are perfect for beginners.  

Surf in San SebastianOndarreta- A fast breaking left hander which works best when the other spots are blown out or unfavourable. The break wall of the promenade provides spectators with the perfect opportunity to watch the surfers in action. 

Orio- This small beach located at the mouth of the Orio River has multiple beach breaks providing surfers of all levels the opportunity to get in the water. Of all the breaks the best is the left which breaks along the breakwater; unfortunately it is inconsistent and only works on big days. 

Hondarribia- A long right hander for experienced surfers. Really goes off in winter when conditions are right and offers some good quality sessions.  This break can be found at the mouth of the Bidasoa River in the picturesque town of Hondarribia on the French Border. 


Surf in Getaria, Basque CountryThe area around Zarautz has some of the best surf not only in Spain but also Europe. In the water expect a high level of competitive surfing from the locals.

Zarautz- The Basque country’s longest beach provides surfers with multiple breaks to choose from and the line ups are normally always crowded, especially during summer when the surf schools are in the water. El Canal at the eastern end of the beach provides good quality sessions as do La Marina and Arguiñano in the centre of the village. 

Karramarro- Between Getaria and Zarautz, this heavy left hander breaks over rocks so it is recommended only for experienced surfers. Works best at low tide. 

Getaria- A great spot for beginner and intermediate surfers offering multiple breaks all along the beach. The best break of all is the right hander which starts on big days. 

Big wave playa gris san sebastianPlaya Gris- Attracting the world’s best tow in surfers this wave gets to over 30ft. in the right conditions. Due to the size of the wave it is for expert surfers only.

Roca Puta- Another of the Basque Country’s big waves, a thumping right hander which should only be surfed by experts.  

 Orrua- A point break providing surfers with some unforgettable tube riding sessions when the conditions are right. This break can be found in the cove of the same name. 

 Zumaia- A popular spot with bodyboarders thanks to the steep take off when conditions are right. The geological formations make for an interesting distraction when waiting in the line up for the multiple right and left handers. 

Deba- Another big winter wave which gets well over 15ft, again this wave is only suitable for expert surfers. 

 Mutriku- A very nice point break which breaks left. The take off is very steep so you need to feel confident of landing it otherwise you’ll be spending a lot of time in the water. 

The great thing about surfing in San Sebastian and the surrounding area is once you've finished in the water there is lots of attractions worth visiting and an absolutley staggering amount of restaurants serving up the best pintxos in the world. 

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