Music in the gardens of the Alcazár in Seville 2011

XII Nights at the gardens of the Real Alcazar

Between the thousand year old walls, courts and exuberant gardens, every summer when the sun sets in Seville, music comes to life. From June to September, you will be able to enjoy evenings of music in one of the most stunning places in the city, the Real Alcázar or Royal Palace.

This festival is organised every year by the Real Alcázar Council offering a musical journey back through the ages, which the monument has bore witness to over the centuries. Ancient music with medieval sounds, as well as renaissance, baroque, together with classical and romance music will comprise the bulk of the programme. The explosion of sound will be completed with jazz, blues, folk and flamenco sounds, amongst other different kinds of music from all over the world.

Nights at the gardens of the Real Alcazar is one of the most iconic and long-awaited activities during the summer in Seville, to the point that it is difficult to imagine this beautiful palace without music resounding from its galleries and walls.

The intrigue, legends and romance of this unique stage have been the inspiration for various operas and musical librettos. More than 100 operas ranging from the famous Donizetti: María de Padilla, the popular Barber of Seville by Rossini and the Marriage of Figaro by Mozart to Carmen and Don Juan recall the history of the city. Thus, this year they would like to pay tribute to opera and bring back some pieces to the stage with a variety of opera performances in Seville.

The festival will also be commemorating the 650th anniversary of the death of Maria de Padilla, King Pedro I de Castilla’s lover, and the 350th anniversary of the death of Louis Couperin el Viejo, one of the greatest musicians of the French Baroque period.

Up until the 11th of September you can enjoy concerts with performances by prestigious and respected artists such as Eduardo Paniagua, Academia del Piacere, Café Cohiba, Juan Carlos de Mulder, Artefactum, Arianna Savall, Axabeba, Daniela Iolkicheva and Lluís Coloma, amongst others.

If you’re in Seville this summer, make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to wander around these historic gardens and enjoy these major musical performances that will make you feel like you are travelling through time.

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