Beat the Heat in Seville

 Beat the Heat in Seville

There is a reason why Seville is known as the frying pan of Spain, it is hot. Not just hot but incredibly hot, the adjective scorching doesn’t do justice to the extreme heat experienced in Seville during July and August. Summer temperatures hover above the 40º C mark  for those across the pond that’s 104º F so staying cool in Seville is a serious issue. Following these simple tips will help you beat the heat in Seville this summer.

Real Alcazar SevilleAvoid the hottest part of the day-Staying out of the fierce midday sun is one way to keep your cool in Seville this summer. Fortunately there are plenty of places to take refuge from the merciless summer heat. You can  take in the gothic splendour of the Cathedral or marvel at the magnificent mudéjar architecture of the Real Alcazár. Alternatively you can just do as the locals do and enjoy a nice long siesta in your air conditioned apartment in Seville

Beat the heat in SevilleWear loose fitting clothing- If sitting around isn’t your thing and you need to be out sight seeing then it is important to dress correctly. Avoid dark tight fitting clothing in favour of light loose fitting clothing made of natural fibres, cotton is best. Wear a hat to protect your head from the intense summer heat and stay in the shade if you can. If you are out and about during the hottest part of the day you can always refresh yourself in one of Seville's many fountains. 

Gazpacho in SevilleWater-The best way to beat the heat in Seville is to drink plenty of water, at least a few litres during the day. If you want a change from water you can always visit a bar and enjoy a refreshing beer, tinto de verano (red wine with lemonade) or even better a tall glass of chilled gazpacho. Just don’t overdo it on the alchohol. An ice-cream is another great way to cool down in Seville this summer. 

The best time to be out on the streets of Seville is when the sun goes down, join the locals as they gather in the bars and catch up on the days events over some tapas. Or you can simply wander the streets enjoying the relative cool of the Andalusian evening, take in a flamenco show at one of the many tablaos scattered throughout the city or just relax at one of the city's rooftop bars. Don't let the heat stop you from making the most of your time in Seville!

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