Sitges: The Perfect Winter Getaway

Discover the quiet side of Sitges 

Sitges in WinterSitges in the summer is a heaving mass of humanity; tourists flock from all over Europe and the rest of the world to slowly bake themselves to a nice shade of brown or varying degrees of red on the beach. When the sun sets the partying starts and doesn’t finish until the sun appears on the horizon once again but come winter the whole atmosphere of Sitges changes, the crowds disappear and life returns to normal for the locals.  This quiet slow pace makes Sitges the ideal place for a short winter break or a romantic weekend, far from the madding crowds. 

Paella in SitgesUnlike many other Spanish resort towns Sitges doesn’t close down over the winter months instead it just slows down. Life becomes more relaxed, the streets that in summer were teeming with tourists once again belong to the locals. The town with its narrow streets and white washed walls invites you to wander, visit the shops stocked with the latest designer winter fashions, sit outside and enjoy a delicious seafood paella at one of the restaurants overlooking the sea or visit some of the local museums.

Carnival in SitgesOne of the delights of Sitges in winter is taking a leisurely stroll along the promenade or the beach soaking up the winter sunshine. Come weekends you’ll be joined by local families and visitors from Barcelona taking advantage of the beautiful winter weather in Sitges. Whilst the nightlife in Sitges during winter is no where near as busy as it gets in summer there is still plenty going on including the raucous carnival celebrations in February, a week long party culminating in a lively parade through the streets featuring dancers and highly decorated floats. Many of the town’s gay bars remain open during the winter months but only on the weekends, but there is always the option of escaping to Barcelona for a night out. 

 If you are looking for a short weekend break then Sitges is the perfect choice, you have Barcelona on your doorstep, the Penedes wine growing region only 20 minutes away and a picturesque seaside village to enjoy. Come and discover a different Sitges!

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