Sitges Nightlife: Gay Clubs and a Street of Sin

Sitges Nightlife: The Hottest Clubs and Bars

Sitges NightlifeFor a small village the nightlife in Sitges is incredible and it all starts in the one place, Calle del Pecado (Street of Sin).  During the day it is a quiet thoroughfare linking the centre of the village with the Promenade however when night falls and the bar’s shutters come up it becomes the raucous beginning for a fantastic night out in Sitges. Join us as we explore the Sitges nightlife

All along Calle del Pecado you’ll find a host of bars with outside seating, music blaring and most importantly beautiful people. Its best just to wander in and out of the different bars until you find one you like. Here are a few of the most popular:

Parrots Pub- A favourite among the gay crowd. It is probably the best place in Sitges for people watching. After a day spent at the beach find a table if you can because it does get busy, sit backwith a cold drink and enjoy the parade of beautiful men walking back and forth. Just look for the rainbow coloured umbrellas. 

Pachito- A long standing member of the Sitges nightlife, Pachito, forms part of the Pacha nightclub chain. Popular amongst a younger crowd looking to get the night started, DJs play the latest club and dance hits, drinks flow freely and lots of chat up lines are practiced. Open until 2am. 

Coco Rico-A little bit of the Caribbean in Sitges. This bar is Sitges is a great place to go if you like to dance salsa, meringue or samba. The drinks reflect the tropical feel with an awesome cocktail list featuring caipirinhas, mojitos and piña colada. 

Sitges gay clubAs the night moves on so do the people. Where they head depends on their sexual orientation. The gay crowd head towards the Calle Bonaire where there are plethora of different bars and clubs.  

Privilege-A popular choice amongst the younger crowd this gay club in Sitges gets packed from 12am onwards. There is a large dance floor and three different bar areas. Popular parties are hosted throughout the summer and there are several theme nights throughout the week.

Organic-One of the longest running gay clubs in Sitges. Open every night during summer it gets busy after 3am when all the other bars close and the party continues until 6am to the latest house music. Organic also hosts several theme nights during the week with Letterbox and 50.50 being the most popular. 

For the straight crowd there are several venues to choose from including:  

Sitges Nightlife Sweet PachaSweet Pacha- Attracting a very trendy crowd this flamboyant club in Sitges is located in the port area. Spread out over two floors and with a terrace overlooking the port it is open all year but during summer is the place to be if you want to party with the sophisticated people. There is a restaurant open every day from 8.30pm-1am.  

Ricky’s- Located right in the heart of Sitges this nightclub is open until the early hours of the morning. Playing the latest dance and club hits the dance floor is usually packed with locals and holiday makers dancing until the sunrise. 

You’ll find plenty of options for a great night out in Sitges just keep your eye open for people handing out flyers to know what and where the parties are in Sitges. Where ever you go to party in Sitges one thing is sure, the party will definitely start in Calle del Pecado.    

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