San Juan Night and the Grand Prix this summer in Valencia 2010

San Juan Night in Valencia 2010

San Juan is a popular event, all cities in Spain celebrate it. It is a traditional night where people tell stories to celebrate the shortest night of the year. On 24th, people celebrate the birth of San Juan. The midnight ritual is based on three elements: sun, fire and water.

San Juan Night ValenciaPeople say that during the first ray of sun, water becomes magic and is able to cure. If you bathe in the moonlight you will be protected throughout the whole year. Those who write all negative signs and symbols on a piece of paper and then burn them will also be protected all year… It is a night full of happiness, fortune and wishes. More than 200.000 people will enjoy the latest San Juan celebrations. Fireworks and bonfires are the protagonists and popular dj’s will be urging on the crowds to join in the festive spirit.

The same week you can also enjoy the Grand Prix atmosphere. From the 25th june until the 27th you will find the VALENCIA STREET CIRCUIT in the port area near of the Paseo Marítimo. With a circuit with more than 5.419 Km and a maximum speed of 308.883, VALENCIA STREET CIRCUIT is try impressive. This is the event that everybody has been waiting for impatiently. The circuit has new tribunes and is divided into 4 areas: Principal, Malvarrosa, Nazaret and Grao.

Neither of these events can be missed and they give you the chance to see Valencia at its best! If these events are not enough, you can add the best paella around the Paseo Marítimo and then walk around the beach down the Mediterranean sun.

Date: San Juan Night: 23rd until 24th June 2010
F1: 25th until 27th June 2010
Place: Paseo Marítimo, Playa Malvarrosa.

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