The Night of San Juan in Valencia: A great opportunity to party.

San Juan, a celebration of the Summer Solstice

Night of San Juan in ValenciaThe night of San Juan is an ancient pagan tradition adapted to Christina practices to celebrate the summer solstice or the longest day of the year. The celebration is based around three of the five elements, water, fire and the sun. It is a perfect opportunity to party until the sun comes up. This year the night of San Juan in Valencia  will be celebrated between the 23rd and 24th of June.

San Juan’s night is celebrated all over Spain, with fire and good spirit at the centre of the celebration. It is a good opportunity to get together with friends around a fire, have dinner and drinks with friends and enjoy the magic and music. 

Bonfires of San JuanIn coastal areas like Valencia, it is customary to swim in the sea to free yourself from bad energy. It is also customary to dance around a fire and tradition dictates that you must make a wish; it is a magic night after all. 

Throughout the night of San Juan in Valencia there are lots of parties and activities meaning there is always something to do. You can enjoy the warm bonfires of San Juan’s night on the beach in Valencia, concerts, shows and activities for all people and to finish the night there is a spectacular fireworks display.

Don’t miss San Juan’s night in Valencia, a traditional celebration which will make you travel back through the centuries. And since you have already had a swim in the sea you can take advantage the next morning to relax after a night full of surprises. 

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