Typical Dishes in Venice. How Many Do You Know?

Discover typical Venetian cuisine

Venetian cuisine is deeply rooted in traditional Mediterranean flavours. Given its lagoon location, it’s no surprise that many typical Venetian dishes are based on seafood (fish and shellfish), although you’ll also find many other ingredients, such as rice, fresh vegetables and polenta.

Typical cuisine of Venice is very tasty and includes dishes you won't find elsewhere in Italy. If you’re thinking of visiting the city of canals and want to savour its gastronomic delights, read on, because we’ll tell you all about typical Venetian food, above and beyond pizzas and dishes you can find in restaurants all over Italy.

venetian cuisine, risi e bisicelona

RISI E BISI - This is a rice dish with peas (and sometimes bacon) with a texture somewhat like a risotto. It is one of the oldest traditional Venetian dishes. In fact, its roots go back at least four centuries, when it was served at banquets and feasts in the age of the Most Serene Republic of Venice.

SARDE IN SAOR - Fried marinated sardines with fried onion on the side. Depending on where you order it, you might find anchovies or prawns with raisins and pine nuts. This Venetian classic is typically eaten during the Festa del Redentore, on the third Sunday of July. It is served cold as an appetiser.

venetian cuisine, sarde in saor

BACCALÀ ALLA VICENTINA - This cod dish is very traditional Venetian fare. Stockfish is coated in flour and cooked with onion, oil and milk and usually served with polenta. The tradition of cooking with stockfish goes back to when Venetian seafarers brought it back from Norway in the 15th century. It didn’t take long to catch on.

MOECHE FRITTE - This dish is made with small fried soft-shell crabs caught right after they have moulted. This variety of crab is only found in the Venetian lagoon, especially on the islands of Chioggia and Burano. They are usually served fried or breaded and eaten as an appetiser.

venetian cuisine, tiramisu

TIRAMISU - Tiramisu is one of the most popular desserts in Venice. If you’re unsure how to finish off a meal in the city so beloved by Titian, don’t worry… simply ask for this lovely dessert of sponge fingers, coffee, liqueur, cream and cocoa powder. One of the most international Venetian dishes.

SPRITZ - And to drink… a spritz, of course! This is one of the most traditional drinks in the city, with a bitter edge that has to be tasted to be believed. Similar to vermouth, it is usually drunk as an aperitif before lunch or dinner. Although you’ll find it mixed differently depending on the region and bar, in general it’s made with dry white wine, fizzy water and Aperol, Campari or Cynar.

Spritz, Italy, Venice

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