Friendly Stories: 40 years together, Venice as the prize

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Peter and Denise, a romantic getaway in Venice

Those of you who follow us on our blog and social networks might remember Peter, winner of our Love is in the Air contest for Saint Valentine’s Day. The prize was a romantic getaway Peter wanted as a surprise for his wife, Denise, who didn’t even know he had entered the contest.

Peter & Denise in Venice

Peter and Denise met almost 40 years ago, when they shared the same group of friends. They immediately clicked, and three years later they became husband and wife. They now have two daughters and a three-month-old granddaughter, whom they see almost every day. They love her to bits!

Discovering Venice was something that had been on their wish list for some time. So when Peter entered the contest, he was very clear about where he wanted to go. And, thanks to his talented entry, fate smiled on him.

After spending three days in the city of canals, this is what Peter and Denise said when they returned:

Friendly Stories: Peter & Denise in Venice“We are back from Venice and just wanted to say a big thank you for such a lovely and romantic, (yes we can still do 'romantic' ) stay in Venice. The weather was ideal and only broke on the day we were leaving, so it didn't spoil our stay at all. Our accommodation was perfect, just off the main routes, so quiet but near to everything.

We did plenty of walking while there, it was great to find little treasures just away from the hordes of tourists. You just don't know what you are going to find around the next corner.

To anyone who has yet to taste the unique holiday that Venice offers, put it on your bucket list, you will not be disappointed. We will definitely be returning.”

Wish fulfilled! Keep on enjoying your family and your romantic getaways!

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