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Apartment of the week in Venice – the Dogaressa

Friendly Rentals’ top apartment in Venice

The Dogaressa, Venice, is this week’s recommended apartment.

The city of VeniceVenice is often referred to as a “living museum”. Said to have the highest amount of art per square metre of anywhere in the world, La Serenissima is the icing on the cake of old Europe; one of man’s greatest and most frivolous collective achievements.

What’s it like to live in a living museum? Venice is a city of many faces, only one of which is concealed by the city’s weird and wonderful carnival masks. As well as the main sights of Venice, there’s plenty that tourists don’t see: it’s quiet corners, the furthest outreaches of its islands, the silent machinery that keeps the city ticking on despite the ever-present threat of the tides.

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Every week in Friendly Rentals we share our favourite apartment of the week with you. This week, to allow you to see all sides of the City of Canals, we would like to present our top apartment in Venice – the Dogaressa.

Period apartment in VeniceBuilt in a period building, the Dogaressa apartment in Venice contains traditional marble floors and high ceilings, supported by exposed beams. Despite these touches of époque, this dream apartment is thoroughly modern, offering beautiful bathrooms and all mod cons, including free wireless. The accommodation has a decent-sized private terrace, supported by traditional columns, from which you can survey Venice with your back to the enormous French windows that lead to your kingdom.

Your apartment is located on the island of La Guidecca. The largest island in Venice, you are separated from the tourist crowds by a moat of water which runs between you and the mainland. That said, however, the city’s main tourist attractions are just a short hop away across the water.

With three bedrooms and space for up to six people, this is a perfect Venice apartment for a group of friends or a large family looking for a more upmarket experience of the city. Not what you’re looking for? Have a look at our complete selection of amazing apartments in Venice.

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  • shenzhen apartment
    15 December 2015
    I love your apartments . . i want to one . . .

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